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What is a Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Surgery involves removing the lens of the eyes and exchanging it with an artificial lens. Cataract affects the vision making it a little blurry and the clouded lens needs to be removed. The cataract is formed when a protein forms over the eye and accumulates on it. Performing the best-in-class Cataract Surgery at Sussex Eye Laser Clinic can help you resume all lifestyle activities without any hindrance.

A Cataract can also make your eyes sensitive to light or restrict clear vision at night. It usually occurs as we age and may tend to grow faster at a certain stage.

Way forward during and post the Cataract Surgery

Once the diagnosis is done and you are recommended for a cataract surgery you get a team at your service that takes complete care of you from the beginning till the end. There are options for anaesthesia administered like general or local anaesthesia or sedation.  A nurse is provided all time round so that you get the comfort of home and the hospitality you truly deserve.

Again, the patient is suggested a lens depending on the diagnosis and requirement. The options included are mono-focal lens, monofocal toric lens, extended depth of focus lens, extended depth of focus toric lens, trifocal lens, trifocal toric lens and more. The surgery takes not more than 15 minutes per eye.

The expertise our Surgeon provides is Unparelled and during the surgery, a tiny puncture is made in the front of the eye.  The eye will be numbed so there is no sensation and there is nothing to be worried about. The patient stays awake during the entire surgery and is even able to see movements and the light around. A device is used which gently keeps the eyes open during the whole procedure to prevent any kind of blinking. Overall the procedure is simple, painless and streamlined. Sussex Eye Laser Clinic has completed thousands of Cataract surgeries and the result is just happy and clear-visioned customers.

Follow-up may be suggested and patients report a clear vision post the surgery. The advantages of undergoing the cataract operation are quite a few. Most important is that there is no visual impairment and one can avoid falls, especially during old age when healing takes time. Sedentary life is eliminated and confidence is restored in the elderly age group. Besides near-sightedness and farsightedness can also be rectified by opting for the right kind of lens. Overall the vision is cured tremendously with this safe procedure.

Cataract Surgery

Once the Cataract Surgery is performed, drops are administered and the eye takes a month or two at the maximum to heal. Patient is typically advised to rest for 3 to 5 days to make sure the recovery is speedy. In the initial period after surgery, one may experience a blurry vision and sunglasses may be suggested at least on the day of surgery to reduce sensitivity to light and dust. It is a pain-free procedure but it is necessary to avoid rubbing the eyes, strenuous activities, or swimming for a a while after the surgery. Premium lens options are available. One can differentiate accurately between colors as blurry vision leads to difficult color deciphering through the eyes.

Weighing the Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery helps gain sharper vision and in most cases, no needles or stitches are required. There is less post-operative care needed after the procedure. This life-changing procedure at Sussex Eye Laser Clinic is adopted with a lot of care, attention, and medical advancement to restore your clear vision once again.