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Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

Improve Your Life With Our Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

This surgery is available for suitable clients at our Sussex Eye Laser clinic in Sussex. ICL are artificial lenses, placed behind your pupil and in front of your natural clear lens, in order to grant you independence from contact lenses and spectacles. Where laser eye surgery remodels the cornea and clear lens exchange replaces your natural lens with a plastic one, this surgery transforms your vision.

A Treatment That Suits You

Everyone’s eyes have different dimensions and measurements, which is why it’s important that you undertake a detailed consultation with us to determine if this treatment is suitable. We’ll discuss your options and will offer informed advice on the best choice for you to customise your vision. It’s important to us that you choose an option that’s safe and suitable for you.

Implantable Contact Lenses

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Consultation Price Including All Scans: £350
Monofocal ICL Procedure: From £3150/eye
Monofocal Toric Implantable Contact Lens Procedure: From £3350/eye
Presbyopic (Multifocal) Procedure: From £3950/eye
Presbyopic (Multifocal) Toric Implantable Contact Lens Procedure: From £4150/eye
  • The above price is representative of standard treatment for Implantable Contact Lens Surgery.
  • Included in this price: Follow ups up to 1 year. Additional top up LASEK/PRK within 6 months if needed.
  • 0% Finance option available through Chrysalis Finance (
  • Nayan (UK) Ltd trading as Mayank A. Nanavaty (Sussex Eye Laser Clinic) is an Appointed Representative of Chrysalis Finance Limited, which is  authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

Implantable Contact Lens - Living Life with Realistic Expectations

Implantable Contact lens is an effective safe and quick surgery that is permanently capable of correcting vision. The advantage of this surgery is that is a quick surgery that involves placing a lens between the iris and the lens without damaging the corneal tissue. Also, the procedure is reversible and at Sussex Eye laser clinic we aim to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

There is an increasing use of presbyopic or multifocal lenses which can eliminate the need to wear reading glasses. Presbyopia is a normal aging change that makes it difficult to see closer things. Such implantable lenses offer the best of both worlds and this lens surgery implants a lens that is specific to the patient’s needs. The Presybyopic implant can give a clear distance and nearby vision without glasses. This is important as your overall sight should be improved and also enhance your night vision.

Sussex Eye Laser Clinic offers some unique treatments that are worth exploring as most patients have received long-lasting results and total satisfaction with the treatments. After a thorough consultation with the Mr. Nanavaty, one can decide which option best suits the needs and situation. The professional staff further helps you move ahead with the implantation helping you feel confident and helping you know that you are getting the lens replacements that best suits your eyes and lifestyle. At Sussex Eye Laser Clinic, we provide the most satisfactory results with safety, efficacy, and upmost predictability.

Frequently Asked Questions - Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

Q1. What is Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery, and how does it work?

A. Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery is a procedure that involves placing artificial lenses behind your pupil and in front of your natural clear lens. These are designed to provide vision correction and reduce your dependence on contact lenses and glasses. Unlike laser eye surgery or lens exchange, ICL surgery involves implanting a contact lens tailored to your specific visual needs.

Q2. How does ICL surgery differ from other vision correction procedures?

A. ICL surgery offers an alternative to traditional vision correction methods like laser eye surgery or lens exchange. While laser eye surgery reshapes the cornea and lens exchange involves replacing the natural lens, ICL surgery involves implanting an artificial contact lens. It’s suitable for individuals who may not be candidates for these other procedures or who are seeking a reversible option.

Q3. How do I determine if I’m a suitable candidate for ICL surgery?

A. Due to variations in eye dimensions and measurements, a detailed consultation is crucial to determine your suitability for ICL surgery. During the consultation, we will assess your eyes, discuss your options, and provide informed recommendations based on your individual needs. Your safety and suitability are our priorities in guiding you toward the right choice for vision improvement.

Q4. What types of Implantable Contact Lenses are available?

A. We offer several options based on your visual requirements:

  • Monofocal : Provides clear vision at a single distance.
  • Monofocal Toric : Corrects astigmatism along with providing clear vision at a single distance.
  • Presbyopic (Multifocal) : Offers clear vision at multiple distances, reducing the need for reading glasses.
  • Presbyopic (Multifocal) Toric Implantable Contact Lens: Corrects astigmatism and provides clear vision at multiple distances.

Q5. What can I expect during and after ICL surgery?

A. ICL surgery is generally safe and well-tolerated. The procedure typically takes about 15-30 minutes per eye. After the surgery, you may experience some discomfort and vision fluctuations, but these should improve as you recover. Most patients notice improved vision within a few days to weeks following the procedure.

Q6. What is the cost of ICL surgery at your clinic?

A. The cost varies based on the type of Implantable Contact Lens you choose. Here is an approximate pricing breakdown:

  • Consultation Price Including All Scans: £350
  • Monofocal Procedure: From £3350/eye
  • Monofocal Toric Procedure: From £3650/eye
  • Presbyopic (Multifocal) Implantable Contact Lens Procedure: From £3950/eye
  • Presbyopic (Multifocal) Toric ICL Procedure: From £4150/eye