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Cataract Surgery

Getting Rid Of The Mist From The Cataract

If your vision is blurred and you find everyday tasks such as driving or reading have become more difficult, We recommend a consultation at our eye clinic in Sussex. Working with patients from all over the UK we provide cataract surgery and other treatments to correct long-sightedness, short-sightedness, and astigmatism to customize your visual needs.

How Cataract Surgery Works

Think of the eye as a camera with a clear lens. When this lens becomes cloudy, the focus will deter. The natural equivalent of this is a cataract, a cloudy lens inside your eye. At our clinic, we provide surgical treatment to remove and replace cataracts.

Following detailed consultations with you, we will recommend the next steps that best suit your visual requirements. We are able to remove cataracts, replacing them with a new acrylic lens to optimize your vision. Upon recovery, you will find your vision is clearer with bright and distinctive colours.

What To Expect in Cataract Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you should expect:

A Welcoming Team to Help You Every Step of the Way

A Dedicated Nurse to Look after You

A Choice between General or Local Anaesthesia or Sedation with Local Anaesthesia

Surgery Conducted with Your Comfort and Reassurance in Mind

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Consultation Price Including All Scans: £350
Cataract Surgery with Monofocal Lens: From £3100/eye
Cataract Surgery with Monofocal Toric Lens: From £3350/eye
Cataract Surgery with Trifocal Lens: From £4100/eye
Cataract Surgery with Trifocal Toric Lens: From £4350/eye
  • The above price is representative of standard treatment.
  • Included in this price: Follow ups up to 6 months. Additional top up LASEK/PRK within 6 months if needed
  • Not included in this price:  Future cost of YAG laser capsulotomy
  • 0% Finance option available through Chrysalis Finance (
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Unparalleled eye care experience - The Best cataract surgery near me

When we search for the best cataract surgery near us, we expect ease and a place where there is complete transparency and honesty, and this is precisely what is addressed at Sussex Eye Laser Clinic. Each patient requires a different treatment, and at the best cataract surgery, Sussex Eye Laser Clinic, there is a one-stop approach to all eye conditions and provides rapid access to any emergency treatment.

A cataract is one of the most common conditions to affect vision, and the lens gets cloudy gradually. Cataract can happen at any age but is likely to happen when one age. Hence, a pre-assessment with a consultant surgeon is very important to suggest the kind of surgery or if there are any complications. There are fantastic clinical outcomes for cataract surgery at Sussex Eye Laser Clinic, and you will be greatly satisfied by availing the hospitality of the best cataract surgery nearby at Brighton. Depending on the diagnosis and as it may suit the patient or the results provided, the ophthalmologist and the team will help you decide which procedure is the best for you. Besides, cataract surgery has evolved and has to offer much more and help patients lead a better quality of life. The advanced intraocular lens implant can help you be spectacle-independent for most of your daily activities and help you enjoy all the activities you have always desired.

We give your eyes the appropriate treatment they deserve and have developed a systematic and scientific protocol that manages your cataract operation seamlessly. With this best cataract surgery near you, access your total eye profile while providing a scientific solution that can enhance your lifestyle at Sussex Laser Eye Clinic and assure you that we will always be there for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cataract Surgery

A. Cataract surgery is a procedure designed to remove a cloudy lens (cataract) from the eye and replace it with a clear artificial lens. As the natural lens becomes cloudy over time, vision becomes blurred. By replacing the cataract with an acrylic lens, the surgery aims to restore clear vision, enhance color perception, and improve the quality of your eyesight.

A. Cataracts develop when the natural lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy, usually due to aging or other factors like genetics, injury, or certain medical conditions. If you experience blurred vision that interferes with daily activities such as driving or reading, it may be time to consider cataract surgery. An eye examination and consultation with our specialists can help determine the right course of action.

A. During cataract surgery, the cloudy natural lens is gently removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens. This is a safe and routine procedure that significantly improves vision. The surgery can be performed using either general or local anesthesia, or sedation with local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

A. We offer several options for artificial lenses based on your visual needs:

  • Monofocal Lens: Provides clear vision at a single distance (typically distance vision).
  • Monofocal Toric Lens: Corrects astigmatism along with providing clear vision at a single distance.
  • Extended depth of focus lens: Provides clear vision for distance and intermediate range.
  • Extended depth of focus toric Lens: Corrects astigmatism along with providing clear vision distance and intermediate range.
  • Trifocal Lens: Offers clear vision at multiple distances, reducing the need for reading glasses.
  • Trifocal Toric Lens: Corrects astigmatism and provides clear vision at multiple distances.

A. On the day of your cataract surgery, you can expect a welcoming team to guide you through the process. A dedicated nurse will take care of you, and you’ll have a choice of anesthesia options to ensure your comfort. The surgery is conducted with your well-being in mind, aiming to provide a seamless and reassuring experience.

A. The cost of cataract surgery varies based on the type of artificial lens you choose. Here is an approximate pricing breakdown:

  • Consultation Price Including All Scans: £350
  • Cataract Surgery with Monofocal Lens: From £3100/eye
  • Cataract Surgery with Monofocal Toric Lens: From £3350/eye
  • Cataract Surgery with Extended depth of focus Lens: From £3400/eye
  • Cataract Surgery with Extended depth of focus toric Lens: From £3650/eye
  • Cataract Surgery with Trifocal Lens: From £4100/eye
  • Cataract Surgery with Trifocal Toric Lens: From £4350/eye

The actual cataract surgery procedure typically lasts around 10 to 20 minutes, although the overall time spent in the theatre is approximately half an hour. On the day of surgery, you should anticipate being in the clinic for up to 2-3 hours. This duration includes preparation time, a consultation with the surgeon, and a detailed explanation of post-operative medication by the patient advisor.

Complications during or after cataract eye surgery are rare. While no surgery is entirely risk-free, our commitment to maintaining full sterile theatre conditions minimizes these risks as much as possible. The rare complications include, infection, inflammation, bleeding, retinal complications which may rarely need further procedures.

Improvement in vision is typically noticeable within a few days, but it may take a month or two for the eye to fully heal and settle. Resuming normal activities may take up to a month but this varies for each individual and this will be advised after the surgery. It is advisable to allow for 3-5 days off work to facilitate a smooth recovery.

After cataract surgery, many patients experience blurred vision due to the effects of dilating drops and bright microscope lights. This blurriness usually resolves within a few hours post-operation, although some effects may linger for a day or two. We recommend patients bring sunglasses on the day of treatment to ease sensitivity to light.

Cataracts are primarily an age-related condition, and their prevention is challenging. For individuals with diabetes, monitoring blood sugar levels may contribute to overall eye health.