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the Joys of Laser Eye Surgery

If your vision is blurred and you find everyday tasks such as driving or reading have become more difficult, I recommend a consultation at our eye clinic in Sussex. Working with patients from all over the UK we provide cataract surgery and other treatments to correct long-sightedness, short-sightedness, and astigmatism to customize your visual needs.

How It Works

Think of the eye as a camera with a clear lens. When this lens becomes cloudy, the focus will deter. The natural equivalent of this is a cataract, a cloudy lens inside your eye. At our clinic, we provide surgical treatment to remove and replace cataracts.

Following detailed consultations with you, we will recommend the next steps that best suit your visual requirements. We are able to remove cataracts, replacing them with a new acrylic lens to optimize your vision. Upon recovery, you will find your vision is clearer with bright and distinctive colours.

What to Expect

On the day of your procedure, you should expect:

What to Expect

  • A Welcoming Team to Help You Every Step of the Way

  • A Dedicated Nurse to Look after You

  • A Choice between General or Local Anaesthesia or Sedation with Local Anaesthesia

  • Surgery Conducted with Your Comfort and Reassurance in Mind

Contact us now to discuss eye treatments and surgery for cataracts, long- and short-sightedness, and astigmatism.

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Consultation price: £250

Additional scans (including topography, OCT and biometry): £100

Cataract surgery with monofocal lens:               From £2150/eye

Cataract surgery with monofocal toric lens:       From £2450/eye

Cataract surgery with trifocal lens:                       From £3150/eye

Cataract surgery with trifocal toric lens:               From £3350/eye

The above price is representative of standard treatment.

Included in this price: Follow ups up to 6 months. Additional top up LASEK/PRK within 6 months if needed

Not included in this price:  Future cost of Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy

0% Finance option available through Chrysalis Finance (

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