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Lens surgery is available for suitable clients at our Sussex Eye Laser clinic in Sussex. Implantable contact lenses are artificial lenses, placed behind your pupil and in front of your natural clear lens, in order to grant you independence from contact lenses and spectacles. Where laser eye surgery remodels the cornea and clear lens exchange replaces your natural lens with a plastic one, this surgery transforms your vision by implanting a contact lens suited to your sight.

A Treatment that Suits You

Everyone’s eyes have different dimensions and measurements, which is why it’s important that you undertake a detailed consultation with us to determine if this treatment is suitable. We’ll discuss your options and will offer informed advice on the best choice for you to customise your vision. It’s important to us that you choose an option that’s safe and suitable for you.

Contact Sussex Eye laser clinic today to speak to us about implantable contact lens and other eye treatments.

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Consultation price: £250

Additional scans (including topography, OCT and biometry): £100

Monofocal implantable contact lens procedure:                                   From £3150/eye

 Monofocal toric implantable contact lens proce:                                  From £3350/eye

 Presbyopic (multifocal) implantable contact lens procedure:             From  £3350/eye

  Presbyopic (multifocal) toric implantable contact lens procedure:   From £3500/eye

The above price is representative of standard treatment.

Included in this price: Follow ups up to 1 year. Additional top up LASEK/PRK within 6 months if needed.

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