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  • Sussex Eye Laser Clinic
    21/09/2021 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    4 Reasons to Choose Refractive Lens Exchange

    Having a visual acuity of 20/20 is the ultimate goal when it comes to eyesight. However, not every person has been given the gift of having a perfect vision to witness the world’s beauty and do daily tasks with ease; therefore, the need for corrective procedures. One example of a surgical procedure for vision enhancement is refractive lens surgery or refractive lens exchange. Learn more about it in this article.

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  • Sussex Eye Laser Clinic
    19/07/2021 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    Refractive Lens Surgery: What Is It?

    Tired of wearing your glasses? Want to regain your clear vision? Whether you want to have better eyesight or looking for alternatives for LASIK surgery, refractive lens surgery can be a good solution.

    Unfortunately, everyone may not be ideal for LASIK surgery. But the good thing is there are alternatives you can explore and check out, such as refractive lens surgery. This opens a unique opportunity for individuals who are willing to go through a procedure to get long-lasting results.

    Interested to know more about refractive lens surgery? In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the costs, preparation, and things you should expect during and after the surgery.

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  • Eye Clinic
    24/06/2021 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    Corneal Transplants: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

    Are you wondering if you can benefit from a corneal transplant? We have put together the reasons why one may require this procedure in this article.

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  • Sussex Eye Laser Clinic
    26/05/2021 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    What Is Corneal Crosslinking?

    The clear outer layer at the front of the eye called “cornea” is responsible for focusing light so you can see clearly. It also filters out dirt, germs, and other things that can cause damage to the eyes. This part of the eye also plays a role in vision as it helps determine how well the eye can focus on close-up and far-away objects.


    If it gets damaged by disease, injury, or an infection, it gets scarred and might distort the light entering the eye. Corneal disease like keratoconus may require special treatment and surgery in some cases.


    One popular procedure that treats this corneal problem is corneal crosslinking, which we will discuss in depth. Read on.

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  • Sussex Eye Laser Clinic
    28/04/2021 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    What Are Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs)?

    All around the world, some people have to live with vision problems. In the UK alone, it is estimated that more than two million annually will have to live with sight loss as a result of commonly different eye conditions. This estimate takes into account different factors like age, gender, weight, ethnicity, and overall lifestyle.

    For many people, wanting to see clearly is more than a matter of convenience. If you are one of the millions with visual difficulties, you may find that wearing glasses or contact lenses is an absolute necessity but sometimes may not be enough. This is where implantable contact lenses (ICLs) come into the picture.

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  • Sussex Eye Laser Clinic
    16/07/2018 - Sussex Eye Laser Clinic 0 Comments
    Discover the Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery

    If you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, you’re likely to have questions, worries, or fears about what it entails. Everyone wants perfect vision, but you might be wondering how it’s achieved, what the procedure includes, and how the aftercare looks. With this blog, we want to explore the treatment and put your mind at ease. Read on to find out more about this service!

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